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concerns review of the traditional law enforcement role. the fbi just released a 2008 crime statistic. in the work of law enforcement and the trendlines are to be commended. we hope the preliminary indications of this year show the continuation of these trends, despite the economic down turn in the financial crisis and assistance able to put in the economic stimulus package to state and local law enforcement will have to keep crime down throughout the country. and may congress pass the enforcement recovery act which gives investigators and prosecutors the resources they need to aggressively detect and prosecute mortgage fraud and financial fraud that contributed to the massive economic crisis. director mueller, i want to thank you personally and the bureau for the help you gave us in putting together that important piece of legislation. the testimony of your deputy, others came up here, extremely important to make sure we wrote a law that would actually give law enforcement the tools that need to combat this really vicious and malicious form of fraud. i think we need a similarly aggre
of those fbi personnel people who really protect us throughout all of these years, and i want to say i sure appreciate you. but i was relieved when the census bureau independently chose to terminate its relationship with the association of community organization for reform now, commonly known as acorn. and, i'm deeply troubled by the most recent controversy concerning that organization and many other controversy, too, the disturbing behavior of acorn employees was captured on video at an acorn office, offices in brooklyn, new york baltimore, washington d.c. and san bernardino, california giving guidance on criminal activity and a documentary filmmaker posing as a prostitution ringleader entered the acorn offices and received advice how to maintain his enterprise and receive tax credits to do so and the advice included among other things how to launder profits from an alleged prostitution ring that would involve under age girls. during the meeting acorn representatives were informed the girls were smuggled into the u.s. from the foreign country for the purpose of sex trafficking and acorn em
is 7-11 is cashing in on the crisis. >>> fbi deep cover. posed undercover as an al qaeda operative and infiltrate home grown terror cells, and now he speaks out for first time. is it possible that this man could have prevented 9-11? >>> plus, politicians gone wild. as a congressman's outburst at the president is roundly condemned, a guide to what happens when crossing the aisle ignites a political smackdown literally. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. despite signs of economic recovery and plenty of government intervention, the housing market remains in crisis. new data released today shows that we're more than 358,000 foreclosures last month, that's up almost 20% from a year ago. and yet, there are some who have managed to see an opportunity in the midst offed a verse -- of adversity, none more so than the 7-11 franchise. it seems like there's one on every corner already burke with rents at all-time lowsws, there more to come. >> your local chevy dealer may be gone, and the circuit city where you bought your stereo has disappeared. but over a at the 7-11 store, t ca
into was the fbi. particularly because the war on terror, the war on terror was really conducted as a seriesf legal cases. vestigated by the two, what we call bin laden officers of orig, the new york office of fbi, known as the n.y.o., and the office of the u. attorney, sdny. these agencies, the bureau, this is the biggest office outside of washington. this is the best of the best. the original task force was set up in this office. the fdny has produced prosecutor, rudy joule ganny, and patrick fitzgerald, what was the most successful and powerful prosecutor in america. so this incredible office produced these people. we're not talking the wichita, or the keokuk, iowa office. this was the best of the best. how was it the operation in new york and we're on the radar. 20 years ago we re taking this event in july of '09 how was is that these two offices missed so many opportunities on the chart to get the al qae juggernaut as it raced toward 9/11. next, what i wanted to find out as a citizen, and guess what, most americans still want to know. because ladies and gentlemen, 9/11 is cold case. effectivel
with their ability to do their job, they say no. it's important to have the fbi there and fbi expertise there. >> you think the fbi needs to be involved in interrogations in iraq now? >> in some, yes. >> you are going to pick and choose? >> let's hold that for the next round. >> i think this is an important issue. >> we have modelled entirely the classical distinction between war -- >> senator sessions, i allowed you to have twice as much time as i took in questions. i want to make sure we have a number of senators who want to have a chance to go. >> i excuse myself to go see what we can help win this war in afghanistan. >> then next to senator grassley and go next to senator fine tine, then we'll go next to senator hatch. senator cole. >> thank you, mr. chairman. first, i would like to thank the fbi for the serial murder string in milwaukee that spanned 20 years. the fbi was instrumental to this investigation resulting in a major arrest, as i'm sure you are aware. on behalf of our chief, our mayor, victims' families and our city, we would like to thank you and the fbi. >> thank you, sir. it was a jo
, fbi director testified on capitol hill about the bureau's role in fighting terrorism. later, house debate on changes in student loan programs. tomorrow morning we will be joined by the co-chairman of the progressive caucus,in a couple of hours, and look -- arthur brooks offers his assessment of the obama administration and we will take your questions about a bill on how student loans are at minister to prevent you can call into jim bishop -- tim bishop. "washington journal" is live every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. a couple of live and thence to tell you about. -- and then to tell you go. we will focus on a canister and. one of the witnesses will be retired general john credit. at 2:00 p.m. eastern, a house meeting continues its look a private insurance companies. witnesses include executives of the six largest health insurance companies. >> in 1971, he obtained the top- secret pentagon papers. 18 years later, still writing about the vietnam war, he won a pulitzer prize. this weekend he will discuss his latest book, "a fiery peace in a cold war." >> robert miller told the senate comm
that the fbi says were preparing to attack targets here at home. we the latest on -- we have the latest on the alleged terror plot. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. investigators today continue to search a property in northern california that until just a few weeks ago was home to phillip and nancy garrido. but police say it was also where they kept a child that they kidnapped almost two decades ago. a child they say who was forced to conceive two children with her captor. if that were not enough, police believe that the property may yield clues to other crimes committed by a man who they say was both disturbed and deviant. 8:30 this morning, forensic investigators are at this sprawling property, 40 miles from san francisco. they have been sifting evidence for four straight weeks. and still, the dust has not been allowed to settle. they believe it may yet give up further secrets of child abductions even murders, unsolved for decades, perpetrated by the occupants. >> we did begin digging today, and we specifically started at the areas of interest. >> but one child abducti
,000 in bribes, michael looked the other way. this fbi surveillance taps catches a texas sheriff's deputy in the act of corruption. >> you either pay me here or you follow me and you can pay the judge. >> reporter: for cash payment, the deputy tells an fbi agent posing as a mexican national that he can go, even though he just broke traffic laws. >> the fine is 150. >> 150, no? >> mm-hm m. >> so i don't worry about nothing? >> no. >> reporter: the fbi says corrupt border officials willing to betray their badge for a price represent a lethal national security threat. the bureau is investigating more than 100 such cases. >> it is our first line of defense for both people and material coming noh of the border. >> reporter: are one of the key agents under increasing scrutiny is customs and border protection. since 2004, 94 federal customs officials have been charged with mission-related corruption. the agency said it's taking the problem seriously and has been aggressively expanding it to root out crooked employees. the fbi fears the worst case scenario: illegal immigrants allowed in by cor
denver to new york. the fbi alerted by a snitch searchs ozzie's car and lap top on the lap top they found nine pages of ♪ with making bombs detonate others and a fuse. they found a scale they say could be used in the bomb making process. then on september 11th of all days the feds intercept the phone conversation between zombie and muslim preacher absali. abso absoli had a side business as an fbi informant. >> he is not a trained fbi agent. he doesn't know thousand conduct a federal investigation. that's not his role or job. the fbi asked him to find out what he could and he found out what he could find out. >> after being visited by his friends absali picks up the phone and tells his friends i was exposed to something yesterday from the authority. they came to ask me about your character, they asked me about you guys. he is flown back to denver if he asks if he knows him from new york. he lies they arrest him and his 523-year-o -- 53-year-old dad. they arrested absoli back in new york. they don't charge them with plotting terrorists. >> the idea is he lied. he had no knowledge of bomb
of your book it says, 'the fbi was ready to >> guest: that the informant, that their cooperatingitness, ma whitacre, was, for lack of a bett term, losing his mind; o one level. on the second level it is the storyf how that individual comment during the entire time he was working with the government and working as a senior officer at the company was simneously losing his mind. and ultimately that sent the case pinning outf control in ways that even while i was going throught, even while i was living through it as a reporter, were pretty hard to believe. c-span: do you remember the first time thi sto came to your desk? >> guest: it was interesting. the first time the story came up was, there had beeraids by the fbi on five compani and it had really attracted a lot of attention. then there was an artle in "the wall street journal" that revealed that the cooperating witness was this very senior ranking executive at adm, and that w tantalizing because adm, particularlyhe people in washington, is known as an exceptionally powerful an exceptionally secretive company. the idea that mebody was o th
just ahead. >> gregg: first the f.b.i. arresting three men in connection with suspected terrorist plot that would set off bombs inside the u.s. they busted twocht men in the denver area. the justice department has charged them with making false statements to the f.b.i. the third suspect who was arrested in new york facing the very same charges. we have fox team coverage of this developing story. and on the scene in denver, colorado and courtney is following the action in new york. and live outside the federal courthouse. right now as i understand it he and his dad are only charged with lying to federal agents, but hasn't he also admitted to several things, allegedly? >> yes over three days of questioning by the f.b.i. and looking at the complaint affidavit, it looks as though he told an f.b.i. agent that he admitted in interviews during his 2008 trip to pakistan he attended courses and received instruction on weapons and explosives at an al-qaeda training facility. this agent goes on to explain this particular region of pakistan is where al-qaeda has safe houses and does a lot of train
ground zero and the president's remarks at the pentagon. >>> in connecticut, the fbi has launched an all-out search for a missing yale university grad student. annie lee was supposed to get married this weekend. but she's not been seen since tuesday. with more on the search, here's jen maxfield, of our new york affiliate, wabc. >> reporter: police are sorting through e trash at the medical research facility at yale, digging for clues in the disappearance of student annie lee. inside the building, trained dogs are sniffing the lab for evidence. officers are handing out missing persons flyers, hoping that someone knows what happened. >> it may not be foul play. but it's kind of scary. >> reporter: the yale pharmacology student was seen on surveillance video. it's unclear whether lee exited with her colleagues. but she hasn't been seen or heard from since. her wallet, cell phone and keys were found in another research building where she left them earlier in the day. >> i just hope that she's found safely and brought home. >> reporter: adding to the mystery, lee is supposed to get married on
that you end up learning from. there was solari, and bin laden. there john o'neill, very colorful fbi agent, and richard clarke and others. of all of them, tell me your favorite stories, your favorite people that give meet in the book. >> guest: i've talked to over 600 people. and some of them i talked to dozens, maybe hundreds of times. and those were the ones that were most useful to me because i knew they knew. one time i was in sudan, and i was talking to members of sudanese intelligence. and at one point, there was a knock on my door, and one of the sudanesentelligence guys that i befriended brock in a guy. he was kind of a middle sized tabby, had a funny looking round hat on. and i had no idea who he was. but he sat down and i figured he must be somebody if they brought him to me. and he told that i could call him low way. and that is all a new. i started putting him about been wanting to connect legibly realized that he was mohammed who was bin laden's business manager. and he is also the man whoook the notes on augus11, 1988, when al qaeda was organized. and suddenly there he
bombs. today, the f.b.i. identified a key figure in the case, and agents descended on his home. here's justice correspondent bob orr. >> reporter: f.b.i. agents late today began searching the colorado apartment of this man, najibullah zazi. zazi is at the center of what law enforcement sources say may be one of the most important u.s. terrorism investigations since 9/11. the afghan national denies he's a terrorist. >> of course not. i have nothing to do with al qaeda and any link or anything with al qaeda. >> reporter: zazi, who once had a hot dog cart in new york, now drives an airport shuttle van in denver. but u.s. officials speaking on condition of anonymity say suzuki also recently traveled to pakistan, made contact with known al qaeda operatives, and sought information about building homemade hydrogen peroxide bombs. that background, coupled with zazi's visit to afghan friends in new york over the 9/11 weekend was enough to trigger monday's raids in queens. a senior law enforcement official says new york police and the f.b.i., lacking hard intelligence and fearing a possible at
surveillance by the we talk to one of the men under constant surveillance by the fbi. constant surveillance by the fbi. >>> and for the first time, avodart. help take care of .your growing problem., >>> we continue, now, to look at the road conditions you can expect for your morning commute. dry and clear for most of the country. but snow and rain in the rockies will cause problems along interstate 70 and 15. >> if you are flying today, the bad weather in the rockies will trigger airport delays in salt lake city and denver. >>> the suspect behind an alleged terror plot aimed at new york city has pled not guilty to investigators. >> prosecutors say the threat posed by najibullah zazi, was the most serious threat since 9/11. now, they have to prove thatn court. >> reporter: so far, only 24-year-old najibullah zazi is in court. after entering the plea of not guilty in court today, zazi's lawyer challenged the government's case. >> i'd like to stop this rush to judgment because what i've seen so far does not amount to a conspiracy. >> reporter: but the fbi is continuing a very obvious round-the
a healthy dinner makeover at click on living well. >>> it appears the fbi has more targets in mind as it investigates bribes in the dc taxi cab industry. >>> good morning. i'm andrea roane. kim martucci is in for howard bernstein with weather. angie goff has traffic and some early-morning slow downs. we will get to that in a moment, but let's find out what is happening after all the rain over the weekend. >> it was nice. we needed it. it fell when i was hiking in west virginia. that's okay. got through it alive. let's get moving. all is clear at our bus stop and the kids are ready to go as we head in to school look at around. at the bus stop all is clear and temperatures in the 50s almost everywhere. manassas dipped down to the 40s. 8 there. 59 inside the beltway. 54 frederick, maryland. game plan today, no problems this morning, west virginia to the eastern shore. by lunch, from west to east, a couple of isolated showers, but still mild in the upper and middle 70s. more to come on the seven day when i see you next. how's the traffic? >> not looking good on 270. fortunatel
trail. an fbi informant says he tracked the 9/11 hijackers, but was pulled off the case. brian ross investigates. >>> unhappy returns. gm says if you buy one of their cars and don't like it, bring it back, get your money back, no questions asked. >>> and, how hard is it to go where no one can find you? >>> and, how hard is it to go where no one can find you? harder than you think. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. so, did the president's speech on health care reform last night change the landscape? did it improve the chances he'll get the reforms he wants? well, democrats liked it, called it a game changer. republicans didn't. for the most part, dismissing it. the president did ask for an end to political bickering, but there was bickering aplenty in washington today, and sorting fact from fiction about health care reform is becoming a full-time job. we have a number of reports tonight, and start our coverage with jonathan karl on capitol hill. jon? >> reporter: charlie, with the big speech over, today the challenge for the president is to get a divided democratic maj
when you're lying. >> you have a contractual obligation to give f.b.i. cases the priority. that's not going to cut it. >> it will do. >> let me be clear, my ass is on the line. tavis: i'm going to start killing you the pickup king. every series that needs to do something, hires you. "e. reform," "lie to me," -- "er," "lie to me," why is that? >> i like to have a good time with it, i like to bring a fresh presence to whatever i attend. tavis: what's the challenge, uniquely, i suspect, when you come into a cast like "er," like "lie to me" when it's off and running? >> it's about getting in where you fit in. it's about bringing your presence and your fortitude to it. and it's always nice to be welcomed with open arms. and both situations, that's been the case. they've allowed me to put my best foot forward and put in some good work. and they're writing really great for me. tavis: for those who have not seen "lie to me wts what's the show about and tell us about your character? >> it's focused on tim ross' character, he's an expression reader. he can tell if you're lying because the
if you were sitng in the new york office of the fbi, and you had have a map of al qaeda largely drawn. imagine drawing eight lines from yemen to san diego in jaary o 2000. how obvis would it be that al qaeda was present inmerica? : >> is lomb is in a period of introspection. christianity is t the same as it was during the inquisition. erery religion and i could go down the lisand talk about how they were one way and different now is lamas in a transition moment. and i have come to think it is not islam. but islamic societies not just the arab wld which as all of these statistics are so dmal that if you look for instance we are surrounded by books and there is a statist that iove that in the u. there are 2,000 book titles for every person to just give you an example how much divsityhere is. in cairo there are 20. 1,000 years theb world has translated 10,000 books in to arab book. that is the same amount sit -- spain does in one year. the absence of knowledge the widespread illiteracall of these things the muslim and arab sociy and that is what fuels like, al qaeda they are no giv
and beyond. notice nothing but green cars botch drought both drives are look great. back to you. >>> the fbi is working several angles for the investigation of bribes in dc's taxi cab industry industry. alex tree seen owe is live in norse with more. >> the fbi probe includes alleged bribes at the vehicle inspection station southwest. our sources say both dc council member and his chief of staff were on tape talking with who they thought was a cab company representative, when in all actuality it was an fbi agent they were communicating with. >> reporter: 9 news now first listened cab drivers were leaving $20 bills in the ashtrays of their vehicles. some inspectors were allegedly taking the bribes as payment for overlooking deficiencies on the cabs that should have earned them a rejection sticker. >> reporter: a second part of the fbi probe centers on city hall. the feds arrested ted loza, chief of staff to jim graham. ted loza is charged with accepting gifts, trips and bribes and $1,500 for legislation favoring cab companies. >> we fully believe once the evidence is in front of the jury he wi
there was a fire alarm, so that's why her belongings may have been left inside. the fbi and state police are now assisting yale. >> investigators are searching through the nearby trash bins trying to get some clues. state police with bloodhounds combing the area and officers are now reviewing images from closed circuit cameras. >> she left her pocketbook, her cell phone, everything in the lab. she didn't go home last night. >> we do know, however, lee used yale transit, but whether she jumped on a bus or was taken against her will remains a mystery. >>> and also tonight the investigation heating up in the case of a 5-year-old florida girl, haleigh cummings. first her father and now her mother. in a major development tonight another family member turns on the last person to see haleigh alive. babysitter turned stepmom misty croslin's own mother is now questioning her daughter's story. she believes croslin has something to hide about haleigh's disappearance, and tonight we have the video. it is all after her own father reveals croslin may have left the home that night, leaving haleigh and her litt
with the fbi? >> exactly no outside check that allowed the abuse to happen. >> how do we fix that? >> in other words, of the reinsure that the fbi or the justice department does not have to go to court to get the nsl orders know that the proper safeguards are there? >> you have to take a broader view the first of this is not the only had been mistreated of subpoena authority there are those on the criminal side better used every day by federal authorities and have different requirements could issue directly by the agency to people who possess third party records it is not the anomaly the nsl is a tried and true tool kit that until has used for years secondly this is one instance that was highlighted by the report by the ig report but this got most of the attention in that looked at activity i don't believe this is symptomatic of a broader problem the fbi will subvert the first amendment these are invested of investigative authorities they have different of taxes -- objectives 1/2 to meet i do not remember the language fat the investigation based on first amendment activities i am confident acc
,000 police documents released in just the last hours, we confirm high-tech fbi testing reveals the outline, a stain. it's the silhouette of a little child. a child curled up in the fetal position, discovered in tot mom's car trunk. air samples already confirm human decomposition in that trunk. but now a virtual picture. a picture of little caylee dead in her own mother's car. and tonight another bombshell. duct tape wrapped around caylee's skull matching duct tape in the anthony home, determined to be extremely rare. torpedo to the prosecution. was all the testing on the duct tape, the tape wrapped around caylee's skull, ruined at the fbi lab? we learn a female lab tech's dna ends up on that tape, the tape on caylee's skull. we also discovered the defense so-called wish list. a list of people the defense p.i. was to investigate as potential scapegoats, someone else to point the finger at in court. hundreds of e-mails surfacing between grandmother cindy and the anthonys' private eye, secretly compiling charts to dig up dirt on key people connected to the case. and in a stunning twist, month
of those rumors? >> well, i make what the fbi tells me of them and other federal law enforcement agencies. which is they don't believe that it was the case. they think that he was trying to throw them off. >> who is this person? >> he's najibullah zazi. he drove a shuttle bus at the denver airport. on a laptop they found nine pages of handwritten notes that contained formulas for making explosives. according to the justice department and the prosecutors, he told the fbi he went to pakistan last year for four months and attended an al qaeda training camp where he got instruction on explosives and weapons. >> do we think he's acting alone, pete? >> no, i don't think they think he's act age loan. he's apparently tried to tell federal authorities that he was only in on his own but they don't believe that for a moment. and that's why so much investigative attention is to try to figure out who else was involved. >> between kings and denver? how did we find him? >> i think it's fair to say that he's been under lots of scrutiny for at least the past year. we don't know -- we don't know definitive
man has been indicted and the fbi is on the hunt for more possible plotters. drew levinson has more. >> reporter: terrorism suspect na najibullah zazi is charged with plotting and at tack. the fbi initially arrested the denver airport shuttle driver and two others for allegedly lie to go investigators. >> he went from facing a relatively minor charge to a charge that involves life in prison. >> reporter: the government case spells out how the afghan immigrant got in-sfrukss and ingredient it is to make a bomb, including large quantities of hydrogen peroxide and acetone products from beauty supply stores? the denver area. it also says zazi rented a hotel room where the fbi found explosive recent due. cbs news has learned he was on law enforcement's radar for at least two years. the fbi swooped in after his trip here to new york just before september 11th. investigators feared zazi may have been planning to detonate bombs on crowded city trains. authorities plan to bring him back to new york to face the knew charge. zazi was in a denver courtroom today and he'll be back there friday.
the plflu, and you can fi that information at >>> and still ahead on "world news," the fbi informant told off the trail of the 9/11 terrorists. brian ross investigates. >>> talk about a test drive the automaker offering a 60-day, money back guarantee. is it enough to convince customers? >>> and, lost in america. one man's attempt to disappear without a trace. is it possible? in this digital age. m so, what's the problem? these are hot. we're shipping 'em everywhere. but we can't predict our shipping costs. dallas. detroit. different rates. well with us, it's the same flat rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate. alama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. dude's good. dude's real good. dudes. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a full family of excellent nutrition.../ and helpful resources. ♪ purina cat chow. share a better life. there are car radio
prompted authorities, the fbi, to act when they did last week conducting those rates in new york was a text message suggesting at the possibility of something imminent. rick: lying to a federal agent is far from a terror charge. so much of what we have learned so far about this case is about averting a potential attack in new york city. are more charges coming? >> the justice department is indicating that more charges may be coming. according to analysts, this one charge, lying to a federal agent, could be intended to keep these people from moving around the country and communicating with others inside the united states. right now, so many people are watching this case. the justice department is saying that more charges are likely to come. rick: and from the justice department, is there a sense that there is a lot more of the way? >> in terms of the justice department, there is only so much they have to reveal for each charge. so when you have what seems innocuous, like lying to an agent, not so much connected to a terror plot, they do not have to give away so much. so the thought is that t
city hall. fbi agents raided the wson building. a chief of staff is on leave and facing federal charges. a councilman himself is consulting an attorney. >> reporter: for more than a decade, ted worked for jim graham. this indictment charges ted loza with accepting bribes. he could case 30 years in prison, if convicted. fbi agents had a search warrant for jim graham focusing on ted  loza. he was arrested thursday morning and charged with accepting cash. he pled not guilty and was released from custody promising to remain in the district of columbia. >> once the evidence is put in front of a jury, he will be released. >> reporter: an individual seeking a moratorium onaxi cab licens licenses. granting him and his associates an exception for hybrid taxis. they met with jim graham who said he would introduce the bill the next day. july 10, loza provided a copy of the legislation to the person as individual number one who said this is for you and thank you very much. individual number one handed $500 in cash to loza who is quoted as saying, you know i need it, that's why i take it, you know.
this as a homicide. >>> 9news now continues to follow an fbi investigation into the dc taxicab industry. jim graham denies that he's a tart of the probe. his chief of staff has been arrested and charged with accepting a pwraoeufpblt tonight, bruce johnson -- accepting bribes, tonight, produce johnson looking at this. and they require that those are left to pie medallions. >> reporter: the independent cab drivers were nearly unanimous in their medallions. >> it costs too much. it's a money-making schemes. >> it's what drives the cab industry in new york city. they decide on a number of cabs allowed to work the streets and then charges those drivers a big fee for the honor. give a medallion -r o -- given a medallion and sold for whatever they could get for it, much like a liquor license. >> when you retire, you can sell it and get money out of it. when you retire here, you get nothing. >> reporter: 9news now learned that a month ago, a task force or a commission look at this, they recommended against the move. but dc councilman, jim graham, was moving the bill anyway and they planned a hearing for th
just released today and here's what our staff found a chilling discovery, fbi correspondence reveals a photograph of a stained area in the back of casey's trunk, apparently showing the outline of a child's body laying in a fetal position. >>> international child abduction drama unfolding right now an american behind bars in japan trying to get his own kids back from his ex/wife. she defied the law, took off with their kids but in japan, she is considered the victim. as always we take your phone calls, love hearing from you. the number 1-877-tell-hln. or shoot us an e-mail or text us. just start your message with the word "prime." it's your chance to be heard. >> controversy, opinion, your point of view. this is "prime news." >> welcome once again this is "prime news" i'm mike galanos beginning with breaking developments in the case against casey anthony. fbi documents reveal a large stain in the trunk of casey's car. a stain that resembles the outline or silhouette of a small child. you better believe the prosecution will use this heart-breaking image. a child possibly laying in the
. fbi documents claim a snan casey's trunk appears to be in the silhouette of a child in the fetal position. meanwhile was crucial evidence destroyed by the fbi? has the prosecution sabotaged its own case? >>> plus outrage over a mind-boggling delay. it took seven hours perform a sobriety test on an nypd officer accused of killing a pedestrian. while drunk driving behind the wheel. was law enforcement trying to give this cop time to sober up before the test? >>> tonight, a massive head-spinning document dub in the kailey anthony murder investigation and in potentially devastating evidence for the defense and the prosecution. in the prosecution's corner, an fbi e-mail referring to a haunting photo of a large stain on the trunk liner of casey's car. conclusion, the fbi analyst says there appears to be, "the outline or silhouette of a child in the fetal position." that's on the lining of the trunk. now that's a real bombshell. this child's outline dove tails with other incriminating trunk evidence that we've known for months now, including the air samples showing decomposition and a h
what about the fbi? how to you consider their ability to handle classified, unclassified and redacted information? pretty good? >> i think the fbi -- >> okay. the fbi went and issue a national security letter for the same information and the inspector general described it as an appropriate. and i consider it much worse than that. now, here is the problem. it's very simple. what the court, the intelligence court and what the inspector general were complaining about is you could get a around the court refusal to issue order and a terrorist investigation by nearly doubling to the fbi, getting around them and the reissue a national security letter for the very same information. problem. that means that the court and the inspector general found that there was an abusive process and handling this terrorist investigation, and i am going to have my staff supply you or your staff with all of this information all of which is public. >> thank you, mr. chairman. now that i am clear which reports we are referring to a few give me a moment to respond. in 2007 the general published its first report
. tom sherwood joins us with more. >> reporter: the fbi raided jim graham's office early today looking for computer records and other evidence late this afternoon. fbi agents early thursday raided the offices of d.c. ward 1 council member jim graham searching for any evidence work materials involving ted loza, chief of staff and his close confidante. he was arrested on bribery charges about 7:00 thursday morning at his home by the fbi. >> when i arrived in the office, i went to mr. loza's office and i said to the fbi agents, there is anything i can do to help? please assume our complete cooperation. >> reporter: as graham met with his staff to discuss the incident, court documents showed loza was charged with two counts of bribery for accepting cash, vehicles and trips among other things from some would be drying to influence taxi cab legiation in graham's office. the person or company attempts to bribe loza was not identified in court papers. graham, who rushed to a metro board meeting where he serves as chairman, told reporters he personally had done nothing improper and knew of no w
and that an fbi undercover agent had given him. he was first identified for his violent comments on an extremist website. agents kept track of him for months. in an identical scene played out in illinois where 29-year-old michael finton is accused of trying to detonate a bomb twice in the federal courthouse in springfield. this one was also a fake given to him by an fbi undercover agent. he also wanted to hit congressional members nearby. he is charged with trying to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to murder federal employees. officials found a letter that he had written to an american, fighting for the taliban. michael finton later admitted that the finalized that man. and seven men in north carolina arrested for planning attacks on u.s. troops -- officials say they have specific targets, one on u.s. soil. daniel boyd is charged with planning an attack on the quantico marine base in virginia. they believe he and six others went on training expeditions, prefacing military techniques with armor-piercing bullets. investigators think there is another suspect in pakistan. jane: as we
. our coverage will continue this half hour. we'll hear from an fbi informant speaking out for the first time who says he could have stopped the attacks had the fbi allowed him to. >> very interesting guy. very well connected in that whole arena. interesting to hear what he said happened and didn't happen leading to the attacks. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. president obama heads to wall street monday to deliver a report card on the nation's financial crisis. it will be exactly one year after the staggering collapse of lehman brothers which set the stage for the crisis. >> the administration says many of the government programs which propped up the economy are no longer needed. and banks are beginning to repay their taxpayer loans. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: president barack obama made a lot of promises about the $787 billion stimulus plan. now more than six months later, congress is essentially told so far so good. >> the recovery act is making a difference. economic activity is expected to begin its rebound in the coming months. >> reporter: the council on economi
exclusive details about that fbi investigation into the dc taxicab industry. agents are now working on several fronts. two of those fronts involve alleged bribes to city workers and their bosses. >> reporter: the fbi probe includes alleged bribes at the dc station in southwest. back in april 9news now disclosed cab drivers were leaving $20 bills in the ashtrays of their vehicles. >> and you have seen this happen? >> yes, i have. >> you have been offered a bribe? >> i have been offered a bribe many times. >> some inspectors were taking the bribes as payments for overlooking deficiencies on the cabs. >> walk over to me and give me a smile and say there is something for you inside the vehicle. >> the second part of the fbi probe centers on city hall. on thursday the fbi arrested ted loza, chief of staff to dc councilman jim graham. accepting bribes in exchange for legislation that favored certain cab companies. >> all the evidence has been put in front of a jury we believe he will be vindicated totally. >> ward 2 councilman has obtained legal council. a former assistant u.s. attorney n
, in aurora. this is video taken as the fbi went through the apartment in the suburb of aurora. the home belongs to a terror suspect, the same person wrapped up in an fbi raid earlier this week in new york city. he and his attorney denied that he is the center of a federal probe. this is new information that came out about what the fed's found. a source tells fox news that agents discovered several black backpacks in that apartment. more than one dozen. taken alone it might seem harmless, but remember that terrorists used backpacks filled with explosives in madrid, killing 200 people. now we are waiting to hear what the feds are looking for in the suburban denver town. we know that the suspect was recently in new york. how is he specifically connected to the city? >> more than one decade ago there were families and friends, exactly who are they? as you mentioned, they drove into town and were stopped by authorities. then they let him go. he left on september 12. while in new york he stayed with one of his friends 19. one of those friends was one of the people that had his home raided by
. >> reporter: late last night the fbi arrested the man thought to be at the center of the plot,a 4 24-year-old immigrant from afghanistan living in suburban denver. agents also arrested his 53-year-old father. both of accused of lying to investigators. the fbi says he drove a rented car to new york city a week and a half ago carrying a laptop computer. newly released court documents say it it contained nine pages of instructions on how to make bombs. an fbi scientist said it was produce an effective explosive charge. >> what was on his computer was nine pages of handwritten material that refers to fuses or how to put together ignition devices for a larger explosion. >> reporter: he was questioned for three days late last week. the fbi says he lied about where the bomb instructions came from, but he admitted traveling to pakistan last august and receiving lessons in weapons and explosives from al qaeda operatives at a terror training camp, a terrorism expert says it appears to have been a serious plot. >> he went to training camps in pakistan who downloaded information. there's clearly inte
the marine base. and we are joined live from fbi headquarters with more. >> those indictments and arrests happened this summer. all of the men are in a virginia prison. their so-called ring leader, daniel patrick boyd, is awaiting facing the charges. and there are additional charges. that's what is new. initially the charges were these were planned attacks on international targets, and now we are learning there may have been a domestic target. a virginia military base. the justice department reports the target, is the marine base kwanco in virginia. boyd grew newspaper northern virginia and attended tc williams high school. and now they allege boyd, the 20-year-old son zac and another man conspired to murder. they obtained maps of the base. >> now we know what the target was. the marine corps base at kwanco. and we are talking about automatic weapons, and things likethat. could he have killed people? certainly. >> that it was at risk does not prize wash tonens on their way to work. >> absolutely not. those soldiers down there, they try to do a good job. so you kn, they are at risk. >> we
, the reports coming out from this early on. we're told the fbi is taking over the investigation. we're going to continue to follow the developments, but the new information right now is that the fbi is taking over the investigation. a wnbc producer apparently says the passenger in question scu y scurried on to the plane at the last minute and was one of the last people to board the plane when he sat down. he started to speak to another passenger and they, according to the wnbc reporter, eventually switched seats and they think in all, three passengers were taken off the plane, norah. >> and i can see, tamron, too, a report in to us from knbc, of course, our affiliate out there reporting per the lapd, los angeles police department, that two middle eastern men in their 30s were taken off this ua flight 22. the lapd says the fbi is now taking over the investigation which you just mentioned. so, again, different reports coming in at this hour about the number of men involved. clearly some unusual behavior that raised the concerns of the pilot and that's why now they're turning this over to the
to go a step further. if the f.b.i. vetted this man, and they didn't know any of this stuff, good god almighty what has happened to the f.b.i.? we have the president of the united states. if they knew all of this stuff, all of it -- excuse me? if this man is here and he's standing next to the president and the f.b.i. didn't know it, our president is in danger, because who else is getting through the security fence at the white house? now, that's a first one. that puts our president in danger if they didn't know. i don't believe that. and that demands an answer, because if it's true, we're in deep, deep trouble with our f.b.i. our president is in trouble. our nuclear codes are in trouble. if he did know all of this stuff, are we in trouble? is our country in trouble? is our planet in trouble? o does p president obama believe all of this stuff? again, let me quote van jones. "personnel is policy." america can only be one of the two. either the president is in trouble or we are in trouble. what is the answer? now here is the worst part of it. i think i can give you information on it that
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